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Condenser Before

Daikin Condenser After

Furnace Before

Daikin Furnace After

Our Customers are upgrading not only their lifestyle but also their energy savings,
with the top of the line Daikin FIT, now more affordable than ever!!

Poor Vent Design

This higher efficiency furnace from the 90s was attached to an old-school brick chimney. As you can see, the two don’t play well together. The guts of the furnace are probably just as corroded.

Newly Installed Vent to Resolve Problem

Redone the way it should be.

Bad Capacitor

Out with the Old. Original capacitor failed due to a dirty outdoor condenser coil.

New Capacitor

In with the New. Brand new Capacitor, 100% made in America.


New Rheem Condenser

Brand new High Efficiency Rheem Condenser. One more happy customer with cold air and low energy bills

Old Rheem Condenser

Early 2000’s model Rheem Condenser. This little guy is still running on R22 Refrigerant. That’s stuff is getting pricey, going to be time to upgrade soon.

Fan Blade​

Gentleman tired to fix loose fan blade with a couple of washers. Fried the motor, and the blade still had to be replaced. One more reason to always call a professional


Mitsubishi Mini Splits going on a rooftop. Safety first, fun machines second.

Electric Furnace

Beautiful, New All-Electric Rheem Air Handler.

What not to do

Sometimes people forget that Air Conditioners, like people, need to breathe. The Homeowner finished this project in the Fall and called us to find out why his AC wouldn’t work in the Spring.